What Is Wpc 2027? And It’s Login Process

WPC 2027 is an upcoming global event that will bring together world leaders and delegates from civil society, business and government sectors from around the globe to explore the challenges and opportunities of the world economy in the year 2027. The event will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, strategies and solutions to help address global challenges and create a more prosperous and equitable global economy. The event will take place in Davos, Switzerland on April 19-21, 2027.

Subheading 1: Goals of WPC 2027

  • To identify and address global economic challenges in the year 2027 and beyond.
  • To explore collaborative solutions for creating a more equitable, sustainable and resilient global economic system. 
  • To identify economic opportunities for all people globally and provide access to necessary resources.
  • To promote financial and digital inclusion, innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • To create a more inclusive, transparent and accountable global economic system. 
  • To encourage fair, sustainable and equitable global economic growth.

Subheading 2: Agenda of WPC 2027 

  • Welcome address by the President of Switzerland. 
  • Presentation of the major themes and objectives of the event by the Secretary-General of the World Economic Forum. 
  • Interactive dialogues among world leaders, delegates and experts on the topics of technology, digital transformation, gender equality, youth, responsible investment, global cooperation and other relevant topics. 
  • Official opening ceremony and presentation of the Davos Declaration on the Future of the Global Economy. 
  • Sectorial sessions to explore and discuss specific challenges and opportunities related to global economic opportunities, such as FinTech, the green economy and industrial transformation. 
  • Exhibition of innovative solutions by startups and scale-ups working on the challenges of the future global economy. 
  • Policy workshops to identify and discuss paths for global economic transformation. 
  • Closing ceremony, featuring the presentation of the Davos Declaration on the Future of the Global Economy. 

Subheading 3: Participation in WPC 2027

  • Heads of state, government and international organizations. 
  • CEOs of leading global companies. 
  • World-renowned economists and academics. 
  • Global civil society representatives and activists. 
  • Representatives from international banks and financial institutions. 
  • Innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups from across the globe. 
  • Youth and student leaders from around the world. 
  • International media, journalists and bloggers. 
  • Special advisors to the Secretary-General of the World Economic Forum.

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