PCNOK Is A Network Of Over 300 Healthcare Organizations


PCNOK (Patient-Centered Network of Oklahoma) is an organization founded in 2010 with the purpose of improving healthcare networks in Oklahoma. It seeks to give patients easier access to quality healthcare by working with hospitals, health systems, and insurance providers. This article will look at how PCNOK is helping to promote the Oklahoma healthcare network and how it is allowing Oklahomans to receive better care. 

Overview of PCNOK

PCNOK is a network of over 300 healthcare organizations across the state. The network includes hospitals, clinics, community health systems, managed care organizations, and other organizations. The network was created to allow healthcare organizations to connect and collaborate on care delivery and services throughout Oklahoma. Through the network, healthcare providers are better able to coordinate care, improve quality, and reduce costs. 

Expanding Access & Reducing Costs

PCNOK is helping to expand access to healthcare across Oklahoma. For example, the network is promoting telehealth services, which allow patients to connect with their healthcare providers remotely for care. This allows patients to access care from the comfort of their own home, reducing the need for travel and making healthcare services more accessible. The network is also promoting cost transparency, which allows both patients and providers to better understand the cost of healthcare services. This allows patients to make more informed decisions about their care. 

Improving Quality of Care

PCNOK is also helping to improve the quality of care across Oklahoma. The network is promoting the use of data-driven quality improvement initiatives, which allow healthcare providers to better understand how their care stacks up against industry standards. This allows providers to identify areas where they can improve and take action to improve outcomes. The network is also promoting the use of electronic health records, which allows providers to keep track of patients’ medical records in one central location and share information between organizations. 

Promoting Patient Engagement

PCNOK is also helping to promote patient engagement in the healthcare system. The network is working to empower patients to make more informed decisions about their care through educational initiatives. PCNOK is also promoting patient-centered care, which allows healthcare providers to tailor care to the individual needs of the patient. 


PCNOK is helping to promote the Oklahoma healthcare network in a number of ways. These include expanding access to healthcare services, reducing costs, improving quality, and promoting patient engagement. Through its efforts, PCNOK is helping to improve the health of Oklahoma and ensure that all Oklahomans have access to quality care.

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